Springfield Oregon Zip Code Lane OR 97477

Springfield Oregon Zip Code is 97477

97477 Zip Code Details

97477 is Springfield OR Zip Code located in Lane County the state of Oregon in the US (United States). Get additional information about the Springfield Zip Code, Oregon (OR) is Provided Below.

Area/Locality Springfield
State ID OR
State Name Oregon
Zip Code 97477
County Name Lane County
Country United States (US)
Latitude 44.0611
Longitude -123.0153
Contact Address Postal code of Springfield, Lane County, Oregon, United States (US), Zip Code:- 97477

Springfield Oregon zip code

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Springfield Oregon Zip Code

The city of Springfield is in the State of Oregon (OR). It is in Lane County and has the ZIP Code 97477. Springfield has a special Zip Code that is used by the post office and other government services to tell where the town is.

Additional Information: City/Town Springfield Oregon Zip Code

Springfield is located at 44.0611 and -123.0153, which are its latitude and longitude. With these numbers, you can find Columbus on a map or in other pictures of the world’s geography.
Springfield’s state ID is “OR,” which means “Oregon,” and the name of the state is also “Oregon.”

Springfield Zip Code Post Office

The Springfield post office is in the city of Springfield, which is in the state of Oregon. It helps the people in the area by delivering mail, transferring money, and doing other things related to mail. The post office is an important part of the local community and makes it easier for people to talk to each other and do business.
This information is helpful for people who are going to Springfield or who need to talk to people there from different time zones.

How Are Used Zip Codes in Springfield, OR

Certain parts of the city of Springfield are given zip codes to help people figure out where they are and make mail service easier. These zip codes are very important for making sure that mail and other postal services get to people and companies in Springfield on time and correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Zip Code of Springfield?

    97477 is Springfield Oregon Zip Code

  2. Which State is 97477?

    Oregon Zip Code

  3. Which area is ZIP Code 97477?

    Springfield Zip Code

  4. Which city Zip Code is 97477?

    Springfield Oregon Zip Code. Its PIN code is 97477.

  5. Which state is Springfield in?

    Oregon, Springfield is located in Lane County in Oregon.